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Web development using WordPress, Joomla and the like is all good – we can do that for you.



Mattias has been using his voice in radio and other parts of the world since he was 14. Try him out!



I’ve been into streaming since 1998 and have been in the field since then. I have done most things in it. Try me!


As a computer geek I can help you with most if not all systems you’d need help with. If not, I know someone who can.

Who are we?

Geekteq are geeks. Now, what is a Geek? A Geek is likely to be technologically enthused, a free-spirited but not malevolent technology hacker, a creator of unusual objects. We are proud geeks and we love technology and we love getting challenged with ‘impossible’ projects.

Our voice-works

A few of the voiceovers we’ve been involved in

Our web-works

A few of the web-projects we’ve been involved in

Accessor Telematics

We remade the Accessor Telematics wordpress-based website

Svenska Beneteauklubben

We’ve during the last 10 years re-done the website for Svenska Beneteauklubben and we’re currently discussing yet a new version for 2021 and onward.

Postrack Europe

Postrack is also a repeat customer. This is the latest iteration of their website from 2020.

Vind o Vatten

Vind o Vatten came to as an referral from Beneteauklubben, always nice with happy customers and we helped out making a new website for the sailing company.

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