Welcome to our latest wordpress hosting customer: Annell Båtbyggeri

We just transferred our customer’s website to our hosting environment for hosting WordPress websites, among others. Email migration is still remaining but we are happy to welcome Annell Båtbyggeri (Annell Boatbuilding) as our latest addition to our hosting customers.

Annell Boatbuilding consists of three dedicated boat builders and boat carpenters. The boat carpentry has been in existence since 1995 at Värmdö outside Stockholm, where we work with what we love – renovating, building and maintaining wooden boats. They have specialist expertise in traditional craft methods and are developing new techniques in boat building.

Geekteq is handling the webserver for them as well as keeping their website updated with technical updates for, we hope, long time going forward.

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Buggy website

We are still doing some slight updates here and there on the website, which currently is affecting images 🙂 – yes, we are aware of it.

Radioakademin 2014


Geekteq has been working hard with Radioakademin in Sweden during 2014. The Radioacademy (Radioakademin) and it’s chairman contacted us to renew the work to handle:

the Radioakademin.org website  which also includes helping the project management for the radio awards 2014 to gather, compile and distribute the submissions made to the radio awards.

The Radiodagen website – which basically is the swedish equivalent of Radio Days Europe but only one day.

The Radiogalan website – which is the party/show/award gala that is held on September 18th 2014.

All these websites are made with WordPress as the standard solution, then we have applied very different themes to handle the different parts.

Using JotForm to Receive Submissions

Not so much a streamingpost, more on the subject of web development using services in the “cloud”.

I have for the past four or five years had the privilege to work with a swedish radio organisation heading up their website in general and the yearly awards-nominations specifically and it’s been a hassle with a lot of manual labour, but fun also (we get to go to the awards). But, suffice to say, I have also had opportunities to improve the process yearly with new functions available on the internet in many forms.

No pun intended but this year it was just that.  Forms.

Last year I moved the submissions from sound files/CD sent via email or regular snail mail to taking them in via Dropbox. After that I still had to do them manually to keep track of who had nominated who, and report back to the jurygeneral. Even though I didn’t need to actually encode the files anymore the workload was a bit too heavy for the “pay” (we’re sponsors of the event and my time is “free”).

So, into the picture comes a new jurygeneral (two actually) and I still wanted to use Dropbox but I wanted the submissions to be a bit more easily administered for both me and the jurygenerals. Sadly the website is hosted on cheap web hosting and that limits the functions I can use on the website (restrictions). So off I went hunting for something worthwhile using in the cloud. I found JotForm.

The user interface of JotForm makes it extremely easy to create and manage web forms with automatic upload into your Dropbox, if wanted. So, I took the normal word-document form for nominations and converted it to a JotForm which I then incorporated into the website (swedish only) with the last response being files. Why? Well, people are nominating radio shows to different categories, thus it would seem fitting to allow them to send in mp3-files that the jury can judge their different performances on.

For the most part this setup has worked, more or less, flawlessly. I’ve had some small “outages” in the service which made the users “yell” at me, of course. But I can still recommend the service of JotForm. And I would like to be able to translate all buttons and form parts to swedish – now I can’t find a way to make the “upload files” in swedish – that annoys me. I have but one true issue with JotForm. The swedish translation of the general text on the site (not the formbuilder) is hilarious. My suggestion, to JotForm, would be to not use google translate to translate general text to swedish because now – it’s a joke 🙂

That’s it for today. Next week I’ll be talking about Wowza 3.0 (prel).